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Which way of travelling do you prefer? What type of traveler are you? There are different types of travelers: travelers who book an ‘all inclusive resort’, and people who are interested in getting to know the culture and meet local people. What could be more exciting than visiting a country and actually meet the locals, taste the local dishes and enjoy the hospitality? Travel reporter Judith will tell you about a local project in Cape Verde, where all this can be done.


In less developed countries, where tourism is growing, you often see that the local people earn little money. Mostly international companies build resorts. On one side this is positive because this provides employment, but on the other side locals work hard for low salaries. Often travelers don’t meet the locals, don’t see anything of the culture and don’t taste their delicious authentic dishes, because they won’t leave their resort. Resirest gives locals the opportunity to earn their own money by letting them prepare their own local dishes for travelers for a fair price. By organizing this kind of tourism they give travelers and locals the opportunity to connect. This way travelers contribute to their income and social wellfare.


On Sal, Cape Verde islands, you get the opportunity to visit local families in their house and have lunch or dinner. For example: you can have lunch with Euriza Fatima Sueares Boaventure. Euriza is 53 and works as a chambermaid in a hotel, she offers a home for several kids and takes care of them like they were her own. Euriza prepares molho de São Nicolau, this is a delicious dish with cassava, potato, green banana, vegetables, rice and beef or goat.

Another family, where you are welcome, is with Armelina Dias. Armelina has five children and had to move from Santo Antão to Sal. She was hoping to build a better life, because there are more job opportunities in Sal. The dishes she makes are catchupa, feijoada, or salad the legumes which is another word for vegetables.

Spearfishing and barbecue

Besides tourism, fishing is one of the largest sources of income, here in Cape Verde. That means that you can eat fresh fish every day! Fishing is very important to the locals. Fishing means food for the day and earning money by selling it to each other, the local restaurants and tourists.

ResiRest gives you the opportunity to go spearfishing with Jailson: he is 32 years old and born in Santa Maria. In the high season he works in the surf school ION and in low season he goes spearfishing daily. When you book the barbecue/ fishing with Jailson, you go snorkeling and harpoon fishing in the morning and in the afternoon you have a delicious barbecue, on the beach with fresh fish you caught that morning!

ResiRest gives the opportunity to eat with locals. Resirest can be found in more than twenty different countries.

I personally think it’s a super nice initiative because ResiRest gives you the oppertunity to connect with different cultures. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Want to know more about ResiRest? Want to have the real ResiRest experience at your next destination? Take a look at, or download the app in the app store.

Meet Judith. Judith is a Dutch travel reporter who lives and works in Cape Verde. Her stories are about hotspots, where to sleep on the Cape Verdian Islands and about what local initiatives need to get attention.

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