We interviewed Ozzi Jarvinnen, CEO at one of the most successful talent matching & relocation agencies in Thailand. At its core, his company operates fully-connected working spaces for international digital professionals, while also guiding them to easily relocate their businesses to Thailand.

What is Iglu all about?

Iglu is a talent matching & relocation agency advancing the way foreign professionals work and live in Thailand. We are an innovative community of digital specialists representing over 30 countries worldwide and make Thailand easy for international digital specialists. One of the primary reasons we created our workspaces and the community, is because digital expats are thirsty for peer-to-peer interactions while working remotely. 

What services do you provide?

Iglu provides relocation services (helping foreigners work easily and legally in Thailand). This includes access to our billing and accounting departments, who invoice clients on behalf of our employees and ensures all taxes and fees are paid on time and accurately. Additionally, we provide 24/7, fully-connected office spaces for our employees and match international clients with our highly skilled digital workforce.

What are the locations of your offices?

Bangkok, Phuket and two offices in Chiang Mai.

Any advice for people who are thinking to move to Thailand but are a bit hesitant?

Thailand has so much to offer, it’s affordable, beautiful, and full of wonderful people. My advice, come to visit Thailand first and decide if you like it enough to live here. Be wary of “what” you think you’ll be doing when you get here. It’s best to bring a valuable skill with you if you’re going to move to a foreign country and have an active client base already.

Many online sources will encourage digital nomads to work certain phoney-baloney online ventures that don’t necessarily benefit the Thai people, and that’s not cool. These “influencers” tend to be leveraging the low cost of living while encouraging foreigners to do visa runs and avoid paying taxes.

Iglu Office | Bangkok

Why do you believe Chiang Mai is such a popular destination for digital nomads?

All of Thailand’s top cities have something special for everyone to enjoy. Chiang Mai seems to have those special qualities in spades. Chiang Mai is geographically located in a beautiful part of the world. The weather is typically warm throughout the year (even during the refreshing rainy season). Residents tend to live outdoors. Those in the city find themselves eating and being entertained on patios, street festivals and other outdoor spaces from sunrise to well after sunset.

Some people consider Chiang Mai a “soft landing” in Southeast Asia. It’s easy to adapt to the city’s cultural differences and English-speakers will have no issue getting around. You’ll find a multicultural tapestry of foreigners coming from every corner of the world to explore this historic city. One of the most appealing aspects of Chiang Mai is just how international it is. You’ll meet and greet people from everywhere, every day is a refreshing reminder of just how diverse our world is.

What’s the infrastructure like?

Chiang Mai is a fully-connected. Internet speeds are among some of the fastest in Southeast Asia. For me, it’s been a great location due to the mountain roads. I’ve always been into motorbiking and it is for sure beats the 2 month riding season of Finland.

What are your favourite things to do in Chiang Mai?

I mainly enjoy trying new food. There are also many events and activities to discover during the entire year.  The Northern Thai cuisine is exquisite. You’ll find every type of food known to man in Chiang Mai, all of which is known for its delicious flavours and mind-boggling affordability. From Khao Soi (a traditional Northern Thai dish) to an endless array of vegetarian/vegan options. This city has the culinary chops to feed even the pickiest of eaters.

Iglu can help you too

Today, Iglu has four offices (two in Chiang Mai, one in Bangkok, and one in Phuket). We currently accommodate over 210 professionals working remotely for more than 30 companies from around the globe. Check out what Iglu can do for you to kickstart your career in Thailand.