Jin Xue has left her imprint on the Asian music scene under the name of ‘misloop’. In conversation, she is direct and magnetic – when she cares about something it shows immediately. Originally from Tianjin, China, she’s one of the characters we enjoy most in the club scene – loud, brash, straight up. She recently moved to Berlin, we had the opportunity to interview her.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey, what made you move and how did it affect your career as a DJ?

I had travelled Europe before and really liked the vibrancy of all the places I had been to. Berlin was everything I expected it to be and more. Fast forward a few months and there was the chance for me to actually move here. I didn’t think twice and here I am. The scene and the people here differ greatly from what I was used to in China. I really enjoy taking some time off my busy DJ schedule, immersing myself in the club scene and taking in what Berlin has to show and offer while planning out my next moves.

You are going to play at China Pavilion at ADE, what’s your favourite part about ADE?

This will be my first time at ADE as a performer as well as a guest, I have heard a lot of good things about the festival and look forward to the solid techno act bookings. I am also sure that given the great amount of diversity on the menu that there will be a few pleasant chance encounters.

What is your favourite festival?

Dekmantel since it was the first experience of a European festival.

How has the music scene changed since you started?

The scene in China especially has grown and educated itself on music. It is still emerging but you can feel it more than ever before that there is a growing demand for quality music, venues, and events. Chinese artists are creating and shaping the scene in and outside of China, all while gaining international recognition.

In which countries have you played so far?

China and South East Asia mostly, but also France.

You lived in Shanghai, what are some of your favourite places to eat?

Westbund and Wukang Road in the Xuhui District of Shanghai offer some amazing places to eat, in my opinion, nothing beats the deliciousness of Asian cuisine. Try Panda Hotpot, it’s one of my favourite restaurants.

What is your favourite club in the world? 

There are no favourites really: a good sound system is the best foundations. Lately, I hung out a good amount of times at Griessmühle in Berlin. But this may change any given time without prior notice.

Do you have any idea of why there might be fewer women in top DJ spots?

You must be looking with the wrong eyes. I recognise plenty of women in my personal top DJ spots. It’s about how and where you look and listen, not what anybody else tells you.

Can you name a few up and coming artist which we should start following?

Miiia, COAL, ABSL.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

120 kg deadlift and raw techno music.

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