Visiting Amsterdam and want to go shopping? Be sure to visit the Amsterdam Central Station. At Amsterdam Central Station there are very nice shops you might want to go to.

A train station is a train station is a train station: a place you visit when you need to take a train or a subway, or a place where you can meet your friends and colleagues at the meeting point. It can be a very dull place you want to leave as soon as possible. Not anymore. Amsterdam Central Station has the best shops inside. So you can easily wander around for hours and buy some happiness.

Editor Monika went to visit the Central Station especially for you. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It had became a very hip place. Here are the best shops in the Central Station of Amsterdam.

Ici Paris XL

Ici Paris XL is a well known shop in the Netherlands. If you want to buy perfume or make-up this is the place to be. Ici Paris has great services and advice about the products they sell. Because this shop is at the Amsterdam Central Station, it is great for shopping a last-minute gift for your loved ones right before you go to Schiphol Airport by train.


Don’t you just love Rituals? We do! Rituals have an amazing collection of products. We totally dig the hand soap and hand cream for the kitchen and are a fan of their luxury candles.


Want to give your loved one a present? Or just received your salary and need to go shopping? Then Swarovski might just be the shop for you. You can buy rings, bracelets, necklaces or try to find the perfect earrings! Your partner, grandma or child always loves a gift. Wanna bet?


Yessss, Supertrash is also one of our favourite places to go shopping in Amsterdam. Supertrash is a Dutch fashion brand that sells beautiful pieces you might want to have. Supertrash has lovely dresses, tops, pants, sneakers, cardigans, sweaters, jackets and much more to discover. Go check it out.

Victoria’s Secret

Can we tell you a secret? We love Victoria’s secret. Every girl should have a pair of undies in their closet: playful and fun. Never take yourself too seriously. We also love the packaging of their perfume, cause we just love pink.

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Monika is a creative person with a good sense of humor. She goes through life positively with a lot of love for her family, friends, animals and nature. Traveled around the world en lived in both London and Milan. Extensive work experience in the creative artistic world as well as the financial industry. She is an editor / photographer currently living in the Netherlands. She will share her energetic stories with the community.

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