When you visit Sal,  there are plenty of things to do: water sports, island tours, hike & bike, stay at the beach, enjoy the sun, horse riding, eat local dishes and listen to local music. They are all fun, but what you definitely need to experience is the fish, snorkel and barbeque trip with Tud Fish. With this trip, you will get that real local ‘no stress’ feeling they have in Cape Verde. This is how experienced it.

Tud Fish offers daily half-day fishing and snorkelling trips. During the half-day trip, you can enjoy fresh fish on a Tud Fish beach BBQ. Experience the real local life! This trip is fun when you are an experienced fisher but it’s also for beginners. You will go fishing, or snorkelling around the bay of Santa Maria, together with their multilingual captain that speaks Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Italian and some words of Dutch. During the snorkelling tour, you can admire the beautiful underwater world of Cape Verde, a lot of fish, starfish, and lobster and maybe you are lucky to see a lemon shark or Loggerhead turtle! Or just go on a fishing adventure like I did!

My Experience

I was very excited because for me it was my first fishing experience on a boat on the Atlantic Ocean. I put my lifejacket on and now I was ready to go! As a beginner it doesn’t even matter if you catch fish yes or no, it’s so exciting to throw the line into the water and just wait what will happen. Luckily the Captain of Tud Fish is an experienced fisherman and taught me how to fish. But unfortunately, the fishes were too smart, they just ate the fish from the fishing line, I didn’t catch any fish, not even one, but my friends had more luck they caught a lot.

Later that day we had a BBQ on the beach with fresh fish. Fortunately, my friends were so nice to share their fish with me! Music, drinks, beach, fresh fish and friends. I had a wonderful day!

If you visit Sal and you want the same unforgettable experience like me I can recommend a fishing snorkelling and barbeque trip with Tud Fish!



Meet Judith. Judith is a Dutch travel reporter who lives and works in Cape Verde. Her stories are about hotspots, where to sleep on the Cape Verdian Islands and about what local initiatives need to get attention.

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